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Par kastormag :: 17/12/2010 à 8:59

The most important aspect of video editing is the telling of the story. Everything that moves the story forward, makes it more interesting or enhances it dramatically are tools that every video editor should employ. If you compare the video editing process to a contractor building a house you may begin to see the relationship between the raw video footage and what the video editor brings to that footage. The raw footage can be compared to the lumber, concrete, roofing material etc.

The video editor, like the contractor, takes the various piles of materials and transforms them into a house by cutting, nailing pouring etc. That is precisely the service that the video editor performs with the raw footage from the video shoot. Video editing transforms the basic footage into a story with a beginning, middle and an end. The quality of the final product is based on the quality of the raw material, the video footage and the skill of the video editor.

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