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Par kastormag :: 03/10/2010 à 5:22
For those who are not knowledgeable in the business of copying content from one CD to another, there is much confusion regarding the terms duplication and replication. Often times, the terms are substituted one for the another with the assumption that both terms mean the same thing. In reality, there are substantial differences between the two terms.

CD duplication refers to copying content from one CD to another, the copied content being of similar or of lesser quality than the original. This is a simple and inexpensive process, commonly done with any computer that has its own CD writer. Because the equipment involved are common, only small quantities of content can be copied and reproduced. On the other, CD replication refers to reproducing larger quantities of CDs with the attempt of improving the quality of the data being copied. It involves more advanced equipment that are oftentimes expensive. As such, it is often used for reproducing high quality copies in massive volumes such as the music CDs released by recording companies.

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